Rough around the edges?

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EAMF offers poly-media  blasting.  We use a  special grade of poly-media which is an economical alternative to thermal deburring.  We have found that this process will remove machining burrs from machined aluminum parts, without staining, marring, or warping.  Poly-media blasting also does an excellent job removing parting  line and ejector  flash from die cast aluminum and plastic parts.  We are always willing to run sample parts upon request.

We also offer vibratory finishing as one of our services.  Vibratory  finishing  produces a fine polish as well as having  a deburring/deflashing  result.  This process can be accomplished using a variety of media, depending on the desired  finish  required by  the customer.  Once  again, we  would  be willing  to  run  sample parts upon  request.


  • Belt Sanders (1” thru 6”)
  • (2) 260 Burr King Grinders
  • Moto Tools
  • Bench Top Rotary Files
  • (2) 1272 Burr King Grinders
  • (6) Cabinet Blasters (Using a variety of media:  aluminum oxide, glass beads, and plastic)
  • 1 Cubic Foot  Vibratory Bowl
  • 6 Cubic Foot Torex Vibratory Bowl
  • 10 Cubic Foot Sweco Vibratory Bowl
  • 14 Cubic Foot Sweco Vibratory Bowl
  • 15 Cubic Foot Sweco Vibratory Bowl

*All Vibratory Bowls use a variety of media from steel to ceramic


  •  Sharp OMV 50 Mill equipped with Acu-Rite– Mill PWR 2 axis CNC
  •  Flex Arm S-36 Tapping Machine (Tap Capacity up to 9/16”)
  •  Procunier Lead Screw Tapper (Tap Capacity up to 1/2”) Steel
  •  15” Drill Presses
  •  20” Clausing Drill Press:  single spindle with air feed
  •  20” Clausing Drill Press:  8-12 commander  multiple spindle drill head with air feed
  •  Harig 6-12  Surface Grinder
  •   (1) Verticut Bandsaw:  Cutting Capacity  Round 10”, Square10”, Rect. 10x13

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